BulletPro STD-9685YW wireless mobile column lift 8.5 ton

Premium Quality Competitive Price Features Each column lifts 8.5 ton with wireless system Lifting system can be combined with 2, 4, 6….12 columns, suitable

Vamag 8 sensor CCD truck/bus/trailer/semi trailer wheel aligner made in Italy

Model: am-2003-T. 100% made in Italy. Bluetooth 8 sensor CCD wheel aligner for trucks, bus, trailers, semi-trailers, and rear-steering vehicles. With patented 3 point

Autel Maxisys CV (Commercial Vehicle for trucks, bus, vans, commercial vehicles)

As a new member of Autel’s MaxiSys family, the MaxiSys CV is built on the powerful MaxiSys 908 platform and provides a comprehensive disgnostic

Maxima ML4030W 7.5 ton Mobile Column Lift

pdf.gif  Datasheet

pdf.gif  Datasheet

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Maxima 26 ton 4 post lift (ML4030W + optional 4 post ramp kit with 8.6 meter platform)

Just add Optional 4 post ramp to make ML4030W into 26 ton 4 post lift.

Powerrex SL12000 4 post lift 12 ton


MODEL NO: SL-12000 (JACK TYPE) MAX.CAPACITY: MAIN 12,000 Kg LOWEST HEIGHT: MAIN 260 mm SIZE (mm): 3,820Wx2,215Hx9,800L(mm) LIFTING TIME: MAIN 45 ~ 65 sec. LOWERING TIME: MAIN 30 ~

Powerrex SL10000 4 post lift 10 ton


Extended platform for convenient working condition Auto level locking position Double safety devices make safe working condition Engineering plastic carriage guide Automatic Electrical Locking System Cable remote control included

Powerrex SL6000 4 post 6 ton lift/SL6000A 4 post 6 ton alignment lift (Made in Korea)

SL6000: 4 Post 6 Tonne Lift Capacity made in Korea."Extra" Wide Between Posts. Lift Height of 1796 mm. Safety Lock On Each Post. Cable Remote Control. Powder Coat