1.Chennel – Each injection (Bosch, Delphi, and Piezo) can input injection time, pressure, and counter into each channel button; 1 ~ 5.

2.Chennel Store – Push the button twice in a row then you can save the present state of a chosen channel. Push the button once then the injector speed increases.

3.Check – Checks injection quantity and leakage quantity of the chosen channel.

4.Low Pressure Pump – Sets Low pressure.

5.High Pressure Pump – Sets High pressure of the chosen channel.

6.Nozzle Injection Test – After disassembling a nozzle from the injector and connecting test oil supply line to the nozzle, you can test injection condition of the nozzle.

7. Power – Power of the control panel.

8. Cleaning – By connecting a vehicle to the cleaning line on side (Refer to p.4), it cleans the fuel line.

9.Bosch – Measures injectors made by Bosch.

10.Delphi – Measures injectors made by Delphi.

11.Piezo – Measures injectors made by Piezo.

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