Model: am-2003-T. 100% made in Italy.

Bluetooth 4 sensor CCD wheel aligner for trucks, bus, trailers, semi-trailers, and rear-steering vehicles.

With patented 3 point rapid clamps (13″ to 30″, no need run-out compensation) or standard 4 point clamps (13″ to 25″)


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  • 4 CCD sensors bluetooth transmission between heads and PC
  • Wide database including over 10.000 Trucks/buses with complete vehicle details
  • 3-Pin rapid hang-on-tyre clamps to skip run-out compensation for 13″ – 30″. or 4 point clamps 13″ to 25″ for all truck wheels material
  • Vehicle selection: engine/truck, bus, trailer, semitrailer
  • Check selection: wheel check, frame check, ADC (Automatic Distance Ctrl)), ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), LDW (Lane Departure Warning), LKS (Lane Keeping System).
  • Latest technology: double solid-state accelerometer sensor based measurement unit highly reliable.
  • Ultra-light measuring heads• Windows-compatible software (with 3d graphics)• Wide technical database including complete vehicle details• Customer data base with search functions by customer name or vehicle number plate including jobs archive• All the axle data displayed on single screen• Wheeled cabinet with side supports to hang and recharge the measuring heads•Very low power consumption using standard battery pack for longer battery duration and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Instant all-in-one parameter acquisition and display with user-selectable single axle or single wheel display for precise and accurate adjustments.
  • Check and adjusted values on single screen
  • True automatic caster compensation in case of different axle levels
  • Users-editable vehicle data base
  • Possibility to perform operations directly on the keypad of each measuring head
  • Infrared communication between the heads

Measuring Angles:


Total toe

Partial toe




King pin

lncluded angle

lnner steering

Outer steering

20° steering symmetry

Truck Only

Scrub angle


Total toe

Partial toe



Thrust line



Standard Accessories

  • PC, LCD monitor, printer, cabinet
  • Brake stop, steering wheel holder
  • Steel turn table x 2 pcs for truck, on/off ramps x 4
  • 3 point rapid clamps (13″ to 30″ no run-out compensation needed) or 4 point clamps (13″ to 25″, including standard metal gripper set and threaded pin with handle)
  • 4 sensor CCD heads x 2, LED repeater x 2

Optional Accessories

  • 87mm metal gripper for 4 point clamps
  • Trailer axle alignment bar to check typical axle angles on truck trailers or semi-trailers by as alignment reference bar:

– To be used for trailer and semi-trailer check

– To be fixed on the pivot or on the trailer rudder

  • Chassis alignment bars with magnets to check the chassis alignment on truck trailers or semi-trailers by using the KIT-T- as alignment reference bar:

– Magnets to be fixed to the trailer main rails

  • Calibration bar


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